Transparent Pixel wants to return home to the Iridescent Forest. Violet Jelly, Pansy Soup and Larry want to help. Once again, they find themselves in Cyberspace; together with Violet Jelly's eccentric twin sister, Lavender, who is intent on helping a mysterious 'Green Doris'. Pursued by 'teeth' and confronted by 'Random Access Memory' (RAM) they struggle on, determined to return Transparent Pixel and solve Green Doris's problems (for Lavender's sake). Meanwhile, K-A and Josie discover that their 'Night Sky Project' is changing direction - towards an Iron Ore Smelter, and find themselves in another adventure involving the inimitable group of friends from Virtual Reality.

A Short Extract From Violet and Lavender

K-A and Josie are staring intently at the computer screen, in Josie’s home in Reality. They are friends and, using the computer mouse, managed to help Pansy Soup and her friends when they were stuck in Cyberspace, before. Now, they are working on a school project.
“That’s ‘Orion the Hunter’,” points out K-A.
“And the ‘Great Bear’ - look!” adds Josie. “Now what else are we to find?”
She looks in her school book at the list of things to find out for the ‘Night Sky’ project that their class is doing.
“Josie,” says K-A. “What’s that?”
Josie looks. K-A is pointing to a coloured blob in the black starry night that is on the screen.
“It looks like one of those igloo-shaped tents to me,” answers Josie with her nose almost touching the screen, “but it can’t be, not in the middle of the night sky.”
She moves back from the screen and K-A stares even harder,
“I think it is, Josie,” he replies. “You’re right.”
“It’s a sort of purple colour. Perhaps it’s a joke,” suggests Josie.
“It’s not on the list, is it?” laughs K-A.
“Don’t be silly!” Josie laughs, too.
“Quick! Look, Josie! There’s a head poking out!” shouts K-A.
“K-A! K-A!” Josie shouts back. “It’s - well it looks like - Violet Jelly’s head - Don’t you think?”
“Ye-es, but it’s a bit different,” answers K-A.
Suddenly the coloured tent disappears.
“Was it? Are they? Back again?” wonders Josie.
“We won’t know, because they’ve gone,” answers K-A. Neither of them speaks. They are lost for words.

Violet and Lavender (Book 2)
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