Inadvertently sucked into a laptop computer, a mixed group of characters from "Virtual Reality" find themselves in Cyberspace. They become involved in the search for a Colour Folder which has disappeared. With the help of two children (K-A and Josie who live in "Reality") and a computer mouse, they manage to thwart the plans of the inhabitants of Fort Ran and to avoid the schemes of an ill tempered pair, Irus-the-virus and Scream Saver, that are determined to prevent the return of the Colour Folder.

As Pansy Soup and Violet Jelly walk along the road to wait at the bus stop, along comes Larry in his lorry. Larry is a mechanic and one of their friends. His lorry has a friendly face and is bright blue. They can see Stuck-up-cow sitting in the back of the lorry. Larry found her in pieces some time ago and carefully stuck her together. She looks almost right - apart from the nose.

A Short Extract From Violet Jelly

Larry sees Violet Jelly and Pansy Soup waiting and calls out, “Hello! Can I give you a lift?” “To town?” asks Violet Jelly. “Yes. Get in!” Larry leans over to help them into the cab of the lorry. "What's the problem?" he asks, nodding towards the laptop in Violet Jelly's arms. "It won't work at all today, Larry. I shall have to get it fixed. Such a nuisance. I have things to do - e-mails, lists - you know," Violet Jelly tells him. "Not really Violet Jelly. I prefer to look inside engines rather than at computers and I keep my lists in my head," answers Larry.

As they travel towards town Violet Jelly opens her laptop and, being curious, she taps a few keys. “Perhaps it will work now,” she thinks to herself.


Something happens

Violet Jelly (Book 1)
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