A love of words and a concept carried in the mind for a number of years, plus an interest in music, poetry and quantum physics, inspired this book. There are parallel stories running, both actual and in the mind; those of Spindel and Segment, Maggie and Sentinel. Spindel is the alter persona of Sentinel, whose mind splits and later fuses. These stories and the emotion within, reflect, in word form, the composition of a symphony intended to culminate in a perfect moment.

My thanks to Bette Hall a reader who described Snowflake Symphony in these words:

"You gave me a piece of music. I heard it."

A Short Extract From Snowflake Symphony

Moving with time, I progressed not in leaps and bounds as my feet desired but in soft pulses, light streaming, deflecting my vision.
The only way forward was to abandon myself to the pulse, allow myself to be carried through the stream of light against which the pulse, with its call, led.
That call came to me as soft brush-strokes of movement gently beating a surface, creating rhythm, enticing me onwards.
I became distant to myself, as a watching figure disappearing from view.

Snowflake Symphony
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