Andrew's quiet life as a porter at the 'Portcullis' hotel is interrupted by an incident in one of the rooms. Life changes for Andrew and his companions as they attempt to deal with a situation, in which they find themselves involved, that they perceive to be a dilemma. A glimpse into the lives of unconventional characters, revealed through gentle humour.

A Short Extract From Impression of a Dilemma

Tina appeared at the end of the corridor and ran towards them, changed into her street wear. She had heard the screams as she was about to leave for the dentist's. Miss Stacey had hold of Dawn's shoulders and Dawn was whimpering. Miss Stacey appeared to be attempting to shake the whimpers out of Dawn.

“I'm here, Dawn! What's happened?”

Miss Stacey swung round; allowed Dawn to slide down the wall to the floor. Her mouth dropped at the sight of Tina in her street clothes.

“Sorry Miss Stacey - what's happened to Dawn?”

“In there ...”

Dawn indicated to the open door of 227 and her hand resumed clutching her stomach.

“What is it?”

Tina knelt beside Dawn.

“This must stop! Get up - both of you! Go in there! There are guests in this hotel!”

“No - no!”

Dawn became agitated; her voice determined.

“Come on, Dawn.”

Tina tried to lift her.

“Help me, Miss Stacey.”

“Yes - I'll deal with you later,” Miss Stacey told Tina as she helped to raise Dawn.

Dawn fainted. Tina led the way as they moved sideways through the doorway of room 227, holding up Dawn's body.

A foot partially protruded from between the bathroom wall and the bed.

“There's someone -” Tina began. And saw the blood.

Impression of a Dilemma
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