K-A and Josie are visiting K-A's Uncle Bill in Florida when, once again, they encounter the trio from Virtual Reality, Violet Jelly, Larry and Pansy Soup, who are back in Cyberspace. During their visit, K-A and Josie discover a connection between Jasmine Taylor (a friend of Uncle Bill's) and the characters they found in Cyberspace. Larry, Pansy Soup and Violet Jelly are involved in a search of their own. The stories merge; the trilogy concludes.

A Short Extract From Discovering Jasmine T

"It could be a drainage pipe," she thinks. As quickly as her thought appears, a low, gruff voice speaks from beside her.

"If you want to explore further, you can travel by pipeline," it tells her.

Violet Jelly looks down.

"Here I am," says the speaker and a greyish white tube-like head and body slides out of the pipe mouth. It stands beside them looking up from the narrow slits that are its eyes. It looks rather like a skittle, but its head is as wide as its body.

"Well I never!" exclaims Larry, and scratches his head.

"Who are you?" asks Pansy Soup, thinking, "They look like rolling pins, but not quite."

"A Pipeliner," answers the Pipeliner. It whistles shrilly and two more Pipeliners slide from the open pipe. They stand in a row, gleaming with damp and condensation.

Discovering Jasmine T (Book 3)
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